Redcastle Cemetery Records – Update – Feb 2020

Following additional information being received the listing was updated in Feb 2020. It is now being republished in an improved format.

This information has been extracted from the “Index to Bendigo Region Cemeteries – Series 1, Northern Districts“, as compiled by the Bendigo branch of the Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies, and also from Redcastle Cemetery records held by the Heathcote Office of the City of Greater Bendigo.

Information extracted from the “Index” in May 2003 by Michael Martin, Jackaroo Club of Victoria, using a microfiche copy as held in the State Library of Victoria (Catalogue reference GMF 94 / Box 8). Parents’ names and other supplemental information kindly supplied by Lois Comeadow of Noble Park, extracted information cross-referenced to the Heathcote records in August 2003 and found to be correct.

This listing is not necessarily comprehensive, but should include most persons buried at Redcastle. The comments are mostly my own interpretation, and are not necessarily correct. Note re Parents: in many cases, one or both parents’ names are on the list and are probably also buried at Redcastle, but it is often difficult to establish direct relationships.

At the time, I painstakingly checked the cemetery records for the relevant time period, held in the State Library, and I also visited the City of Greater Bendigo’s office in Heathcote.  In that office they have records of who was buried at Redcastle, and I was allowed to peruse these.  (What they don’t have is a map of the graves.)

The records from Heathcote tallied almost exactly with what I had already obtained from the State Library, but in neither case did I find the names Schmidt or Willard, so some further evidence would be good.  If the death certificate states the place of burial then perhaps Anne Turner could either scan it or photograph it, and send it to us?  Then I would be happy to update the list. 

Michael Martin

Listing – Redcastle Cemetery Records

Name Date Buried Age Marked Grave? Parents’ names (if known) Comments
BABIDGE, Elizabeth Ellen27/08/18751 year 2 monthsWilliam Babidge & Martha Gray
BAKER, Julius27/02/189433Killed in mining accident
BARKER, Edward16/07/187670YesRichard Barker & Elizabeth Lesswall>New headstone, inscribed: “Bert,
BARKER, Eliza27/03/186757YesJames Lesswell(?) and ??>Fred & Jack Barker – February 2000″
BARKER, Frederica Rose Laura03/06/18761 year 11 days?? and Laura Barker
BARKER, Laura Eliza25/12/18735 monthsJames Barker & Amelia Windebank
BARNDEN, James10/10/186433James Barnden and ??
BENNY, Francis24/01/188668
BERTENSHAW, Hannah17/07/187232
BIANCHI, William07/10/18873 weeksAngelo Bianchi & Ellen HustonDate could be 1877
BISCHOFF, Elizabeth Ann26/08/187612 years 6 monthsWilliam Bischoff & Sarah Ann Gray>Probably
BISCHOFF, Regina26/10/18721 yearWilhelm Bischoff & Sarah Ann Gray>sisters
BURGESS, John01/05/18666 weeksJohn Burgess & Mary Doolan
CHAMBER, J or I06/07/194785
CHAMBERLAIN, Charles03/02/190786
CHAMBERLAIN, David17/09/18749 daysCharles Chamberlain & Catherine Carle
CHAMBERLAIN, David George26/07/194787Charles Chamberlain and Emily ??Most recent date
CHAPMAN, Louise Sarah13/01/18623 monthsJames Edward Chapman & Sarah Pert
CLARKE, David12/04/187316 monthsSon of John and ??(?)
CLARKE, Emily19/06/193584Yes“Beloved wife” of Frederick Clarke
CLARKE, Frederick02/04/191062YesJohn Clarke & Mary Ann HollingsworthSee Mary Ann Clarke
CLARKE, John07/11/188165John Clarke and Mary Ann SaltDiscovered first gold in area
CLARKE, Mary Ann24/07/186542YesJ Holingsworth and Ann ??Nee Hol(l)ingsworth
CLARKE, Walter07/06/18612 yearsJohn Clarke & Phoebe Louisa Morgan
COLLINS, Hannah14/01/186615 days?? and Hannah Collins>Hanna/Anna?
COLLINS, James26/06/186415 days?? and Anna Maria Collins>Could be same mother
COLLINS, John28/10/190075Peter Collins and ??
CREELY, Matthew28/11/189371Henry Creely & Mary Neal
DAVIES, Flora Theodore23/05/18688 monthsWilliam Davies and Margaret Grey
DRAPER, Catherine16/12/189517 monthsAlexander Draper and Louisa Gleeson
DUNCKLEY, Charles04/01/187968Surname could be DUNKLEY
ELLIS, Anne12/12/186124James Hennessey and Bridget ??
FOLVIG, Charles Olsen09/12/18827 monthsMagnus Folvig & Mary Jane Massey
FOLVIG, Emily Louisa02/10/18805 yearsMagnus Folvig & Mary Jane Massey
FOWLER, Eliza12/09/188138Martin Fowler and Abigail ??
FOY, James25/09/192793YesDavid Foy and Mary ??
GAFFNEY, Margaret19/10/18701 dayThomas Gaffney & Margaret Morgan
GERONOVITCH, Antonio16/05/188053Luke Geronevich & Maria Seegovitch
GERONOVITCH, Christina08/03/186510 weeksAntonio Gerovinitch(sic) & Mary Bottrill See Mary Geronovitch
GERONOVITCH, Mary17/03/191581?? Bottrill and ??(Note multiple spellings of Gero…)
GIBSON, Edward14/09/187038
GILL, Robert30/04/187551
GLEESON, Irene27/06/19068 monthsPatrick Gleeson and Emma Harris>These have to be
GLEESON, Mary Ann01/02/189632Patrick Gleeson and Mary Egan>different Patrick Gleesons.
GLEESON, Mary Ann19/02/189653O’hagan Francis Egan & Anne MurritaAka Mary Egan?
GLEESON, Patrick24/10/189164Daniel Gleeson and Cath O’Shea
GREEN, James23/06/187750
HAMILTON, Jane Manson26/01/18691 yearYesWalter Scott Hamilton & Mary Catherine Hickey>”Infant twin daughters”
HAMILTON, Mary Catherine26/01/18691 yearYesWalter Scott Hamilton & Mary Catherine Hickey>on headstone.
HAMILTON, Mary01/07/191173Yes?? Hickey and ??>>Parents of
HAMILTON, Walter Scott25/07/191781YesPeter Hamilton and Mary Ann Manson>>above twins.
HAWKING, William16/04/187457
HAWKING, William James16/03/18735 weeksEdward Hawking and Elizabeth Jones
HEATHER, Eda08/08/187515 daysCharles Frederick Heath & Kate StarSurname should be HEATH
HIRD, Annie04/10/191343YesWilliam Tice and Chris Crawford
HIRD, Edward12/04/189659Yes?? and Mary Barter
HIRD, Edward James13/07/192759Edward Hird and Mary Theresa Braters
HURST, Nicholas06/04/188057
KELLY, James25/08/18733 yearsJohn Kelly and Catherine Creely
KNIGHT, Phillip09/03/186944John Knight and Susan Wagland
LONSDALE, Eliza Margaret25/08/18706 daysCharles Lonsdale and Sarah Allen
LONSDALE, Emma Leah21/12/189737YesPhillip Knight and Ellen Pippin
LONSDALE, Hannah11/01/18777 monthsWilliam Joseph Lonsdale & Jessie Marie KnightSister to Leah Emma Knight
LONSDALE, Jessie Maria16/05/187624YesPhillip Knight and Ellen Pippin
LONSDALE, Leah Emma02/10/186716 daysWilliam Joseph Lonsdale & Jessie Maria KnightSister to Hannah Knight
LONSDALE, William J.?? 192886YesWilliam Joseph Lonsdale and Eliza Atkinson
LOWE, Elizabeth Ann25/05/186812 monthsWilliam Lowe amd Mary ??
MERRYFULL, James17/05/18801 yearWilliam Henry Merryfull and Eliza Robinson
MITCHELL, ????/??/1892infant
MITCHELL, Alice03/05/190543William Davey Mitchell & Sarah Arnold
MITCHELL, Bertha Veronica24/05/18918 monthsStephen Henry Mitchell and Mary HowardSee Mary Mitchell
MITCHELL, Ella Florence??/??/18841 month
MITCHELL, Frederick Henry28/01/18971 year 7 monthsFred Mitchell and Hart Thompson
MITCHELL, Mabel??/??/1890??Uncertain – probably buried at Redcastle
MITCHELL, Mary24/07/189242Ch Howard and Christina Graham
MITCHELL, Sarah Jane??/??/1880child
MITCHELL, Sarah Jane14/09/18732 years 6 monthsStephen Mitchell and Mary Ann HowardSee Mary Mitchell
MITCHELL, Stephen Henry06/09/190062Joseph Mitchell and Jane Gribble
MITCHELL, Stephen Henry30/01/190232Stephen Mitchell and Mary HowardSee Mary Mitchell
MITCHELL, William24/04/19059 daysWilliam Moses Mitchell and Alice DaveySee Alice Mitchell
MITCHELL, William Moses06/08/191565John Mitchell and ??
MORAN, Bertie01/10/187510 daysGeorge Moran and Isabella SutherlandSee Isabella Moran
MORAN, Bessie Rachel12/04/189724YesGeorge Moran and Isabella Sutherland
MORAN, Charles James03/06/189226YesGeorge Moran and Isabella Sutherland
MORAN, George21/04/191184Yes
MORAN, Isabella03/09/189565YesJames Sutherland and Helen Grieve
MORAN, William13/08/191152YesGeorge Moran and Isabella Sutherland
MORRIS, ??04/12/18806 hours?? and Sarah Morriss
MORRIS, Charlotte30/01/18631 yearHenry Morris and Selina Griffiths
MORRIS, Sarah18/12/188022William ?? and Ann ??
MUNSTER, Louis Daniel29/04/186138Paul Munster and Magna ??
McKEE, Eleanor07/02/189152YesJohn Bates and Eleanor ??>Headstone also includes Clara E.
McKEE, James17/08/190267YesJames McKee and Mary Orr>McKee, died 14/12/1894, aged 22.
McKEE, Clara E14/12/189422YesAndrew Pook and Elizabeth O’GradyDied following childbirth
McKEE, Eva Isabella??/??/18912 daysJames and Eleanor McKeeInterred with parents
NEAL, Ivy Eveline24/01/18986 weeksWilliam Neal and Sarah Neal
NEILSON, Alexander22/10/189357Daniel Neilson and Mary Alexander
NEILSON, Isabel Bessie23/06/189910 weeksWilliam Neilson and Susannah Cath Morgan
NEILSON, Marion Elizabeth04/01/191452Antonio Geronovich and Mary Bottrill
NEILSON, Mary28/12/186610 monthsAlexander Neilson and Elizabeth Graham
NEILSON, William Charles27/11/191323William Neilson and Susan Moran
O’TOOLE, James30/09/187750John O’Toole and Catherine O’BrienDied after falling down a mine shaft
PEARMAN, James10/04/186988James Pearman and Ann ??
POLKINGHORNE, William Northey 21/09/186818 monthsWilliam Henry Polkinghorne & Nancy Ann Allen
POOK, Andrew17/03/18761 year 13 daysAndrew Pook and Elizabeth O’GradySee Elizabeth Pook
POOK, Elizabeth Jane22/05/190253William O’Grady and Mary ??Andrew’s mother
PROCTOR, Charles27/05/190778Thomas Proctor and Mary ??
PUSTON, John11/04/187552C/be John Preston, parents unknown.
QUIRK, Andrew14/09/18987 weeksPatrick Quirk and Mary Jane Pook
RALPH, Harrison23/03/18612 yearsHarrison Ralph and Ann Cox
REED, Emily29/01/187211 monthsJohn Reed and Catherine Profser
REID, John Milne19/12/187544James Reid and Ann Walker
RICHARDSON, Sarah Frances31/07/18612 yrs I monthHenry Richardson and Jane ??
ROBERTS, John01/10/189167William Roberts and Ellen Griffiths
ROBERTSON, James Daniel06/09/186428James Robertson and Mary McDonaldCut own throat – suicide
ROFSER, William07/11/188657Morgan Rosser and Abigail TamplinSurname should be ROSSER
RUFSEL, Jane06/04/18638 monthsWilliam Russell and Bridget RogersSurname should be RUSSELL
SCHMIDT (WILLARD), Emma Clara10/07/187921William and Rosina WillardDied from Rheumatic Fever
SMITH, George16/09/186235Blown up in a mine explosion
SULLIVAN, Agnes01/01/186139James Ashcroft and Margaret ??Died of DTs. Oldest date
TAYLOR, Robert William18/09/188232Noah Taylor and Hannah Marten
THOMSON, Annie19/05/190136William Thomson and Elizabeth BarkerAnnie died of “severe dropsy”, and took her child with her.
THOMSON, ??19/05/1901Stillborn
THOMSON, David William18/03/18778 monthsWilliam Thomson and Elizabeth Barker
THOMSON, Eliza19/08/18632 monthsWilliam Thomson and Elizabeth Barker
THOMSON, Elizabeth04/07/187637Edward and Eliza Lesswall
THOMSON, Hugh30/08/18639 daysHugh Morton Thomson & Julia Payne Mann
THOMSON, Percy Mann15/10/18675 yearsHugh Morton Thomson & Julia Payne Mann
TICE, Alexander Crockett25/02/187013 monthsWilliam Tice and Christina Crockett
TICE, Christina06/11/189142Alexander Crockett and Annie Robb
TICE, William09/07/189550
TYLER, Ada Charlotte03/10/18736 monthsJohn Tyler and Frances Mills
WALSH, William30/08/187347Kenneth Walsh and Mary Cluney
WHITFIELD, Edna May15/03/19153 yearsCharles Whitfield and Martha Hart Kemp
WINTER, Alfred01/03/187323
YE GEEN, ??21/02/187949(From China)Killed when thrown from a cart
YOUNG, Margaret Ann24/03/18616 monthsRobert Young and Hannah Brough

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