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Redcastle Cemetery – Annual Maintenance Saturday 6th September 2014

Linda McElhenny reports:
On a beautiful sunny, but cool, Saturday morning we all met at Gaffneys Bakery in Heathcote for coffee before setting off at 9.30am for the Redcastle Cemetery.
Although, some were torn between manual labour and the Heathcote Market, which looked to be of a considerable size, complete with local produce, craft items, etc.
The area had had a fair amount of recent rain and on a track not far from the cemetery gates, in true 4×4 fashion we had to traverse water. (Well, maybe a big long stretch of puddles). It was enough though, to put a nice grey slick on the 4by.
With great enthusiasm, we got out our various pieces of equipment – chain saws, whipper snippers, rakes, weed sprayers, etc. There were saplings to be cut down, weeds to be snipped from around
the graves, fallen trees to be cut up and lots of fetching and carry- ing of debris to either the fire, or the green waste pile.
Glenda’s sharp eye and spotted some small agave cactus, which would have filled a bucket. This find piqued interest in others who also found more cactus.
They were so small they were hard to spot. All our years of tending the cemetery have paid off with such a small regrowth of the agave. Graeme recalled in the early years, the cemetery was quite overrun with it.
With everyone working diligently, we had most of the work done before lunch. A great bonfire, lit to get rid of the dried wood, pro- vided us with some lovely coals for our sausage sizzle.
Graeme and Gayle prepared and cooked the sausages and supplied salad, cheese bread and rolls. A pumpkin and sultana cake and chocolate biscuits followed. Yummy!
After a final look around and a clean up of the last of the debris, it was time to head home. We left after a great day, tired but happy with what we had achieved.


Listing of Persons buried in Redcastle Cemetery

This information has been extracted from the “Index to Bendigo Region Cemeteries – Series 1, Northern Districts”, as compiled by the Bendigo branch of the
Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies, and also from Redcastle Cemetery records held by the Heathcote Office of the City of Greater Bendigo.
Information extracted from the “Index” in May 2003 by Michael Martin, Jackaroo Club of Victoria, using a microfiche copy as held in the State Library of Victoria
(Catalogue reference GMF 94 / Box 8). Parents’ names and other supplemental information kindly supplied by Lois Comeadow of Noble Park,
Extracted information cross-referenced to the Heathcote records in August 2003 and found to be correct.
This listing is not necessarily comprehensive, but should include most persons buried at Redcastle. The comments are mostly my own interpretation, and are not necessarily correct.
Note re Parents: in many cases, one or both parents’ names are on the list and are probably also buried at Redcastle, but it is often difficult to establish direct relationships.
Name Date Buried Age Grave? Parents’ names (if known) Comments
BABIDGE, Elizabeth Ellen 27/08/1875 1 year 2 months William Babidge & Martha Gray
BAKER, Julius 27/02/1894 33 Killed in mining accident
BARKER, Edward 16/07/1876 70 Yes Richard Barker & Elizabeth Lesswall >New headstone, inscribed: “Bert,
BARKER, Eliza 27/03/1867 57 Yes James Lesswell(?) and ?? >Fred & Jack Barker – February 2000″
BARKER, Frederica Rose Laura 03/06/1876 1 year 11 days ?? and Laura Barker
BARKER, Laura Eliza 25/12/1873 5 months James Barker & Amelia Windebank
BARNDEN, James 10/10/1864 33 James Barnden and ??
BENNY, Francis 24/01/1886 68
BERTENSHAW, Hannah 17/07/1872 32
BIANCHI, William 07/10/1887 3 weeks Angelo Bianchi & Ellen Huston Date could be 1877
BISCHOFF, Elizabeth Ann 26/08/1876 12 years 6 months William Bischoff & Sarah Ann Gray >Probably
BISCHOFF, Regina 26/10/1872 1 year Wilhelm Bischoff & Sarah Ann Gray >sisters
BURGESS, John 01/05/1866 6 weeks John Burgess & Mary Doolan
CHAMBER, J or I 06/07/1947 85
CHAMBERLAIN, Charles 03/02/1907 86
CHAMBERLAIN, David 17/09/1874 9 days Charles Chamberlain & Catherine Carle
CHAMBERLAIN, David George 26/07/1947 87 Charles Chamberlain and Emily ?? Most recent date
CHAPMAN, Louise Sarah 13/01/1862 3 months James Edward Chapman & Sarah Pert
CLARKE, David 12/04/1873 16 months Son of John and ??(?)
CLARKE, Emily 19/06/1935 84 Yes “Beloved wife” of Frederick Clarke
CLARKE, Frederick 02/04/1910 62 Yes John Clarke & Mary Ann Hollingsworth See Mary Ann Clarke
CLARKE, John 07/11/1881 65 John Clarke and Mary Ann Salt Discovered first gold in area
CLARKE, Mary Ann 24/07/1865 42 Yes J Holingsworth and Ann ?? Nee Hol(l)ingsworth
CLARKE, Walter 07/06/1861 2 years John Clarke & Phoebe Louisa Morgan
Name Date Buried Age Grave? Parents’ names (if known) Comments
COLLINS, Hannah 14/01/1866 15 days ?? and Hannah Collins >Hanna/Anna?
COLLINS, James 26/06/1864 15 days ?? and Anna Maria Collins >Could be same mother
COLLINS, John 28/10/1900 75 Peter Collins and ??
CREELY, Matthew 28/11/1893 71 Henry Creely & Mary Neal
DAVIES, Flora Theodore 23/05/1868 8 months William Davies and Margaret Grey
DRAPER, Catherine 16/12/1895 17 months Alexander Draper and Louisa Gleeson
DUNCKLEY, Charles 04/01/1879 68 Surname could be DUNKLEY
ELLIS, Anne 12/12/1861 24 James Hennessey and Bridget ??
FOLVIG, Charles Olsen 09/12/1882 7 months Magnus Folvig & Mary Jane Massey
FOLVIG, Emily Louisa 02/10/1880 5 years Magnus Folvig & Mary Jane Massey
FOWLER, Eliza 12/09/1881 38 Martin Fowler and Abigail ??
FOY, James 25/09/1927 93 Yes David Foy and Mary ??
GAFFNEY, Margaret 19/10/1870 1 day Thomas Gaffney & Margaret Morgan
GERONOVITCH, Antonio 16/05/1880 53 Luke Geronevich & Maria Seegovitch
GERONOVITCH, Christina 08/03/1865 10 weeks Antonio Gerovinitch(sic) & Mary Bottrill See Mary Geronovitch
GERONOVITCH, Mary 17/03/1915 81 ?? Bottrill and ?? (Note multiple spellings of Gero…)
GIBSON, Edward 14/09/1870 38
GILL, Robert 30/04/1875 51
GLEESON, Irene 27/06/1906 8 months Patrick Gleeson and Emma Harris >These have to be
GLEESON, Mary Ann 01/02/1896 32 Patrick Gleeson and Mary Egan >different Patrick Gleesons.
GLEESON, Mary Ann 19/02/1896 53 O’hagan Francis Egan & Anne Murrita Aka Mary Egan?
GLEESON, Patrick 24/10/1891 64 Daniel Gleeson and Cath O’Shea
GREEN, James 23/06/1877 50
HAMILTON, Jane Manson 26/01/1869 1 year Yes Walter Scott Hamilton & Mary Catherine Hickey >”Infant twin daughters”
HAMILTON, Mary Catherine 26/01/1869 1 year Yes Walter Scott Hamilton & Mary Catherine Hickey >on headstone.
HAMILTON, Mary 01/07/1911 73 Yes ?? Hickey and ?? >>Parents of
HAMILTON, Walter Scott 25/07/1917 81 Yes Peter Hamilton and Mary Ann Manson >>above twins.
HAWKING, William 16/04/1874 57
HAWKING, William James 16/03/1873 5 weeks Edward Hawking and Elizabeth Jones
HEATHER, Eda 08/08/1875 15 days Charles Frederick Heath & Kate Star Surname should be HEATH
HIRD, Annie 04/10/1913 43 Yes William Tice and Chris Crawford
HIRD, Edward 12/04/1896 59 Yes ?? and Mary Barter
HIRD, Edward James 13/07/1927 59 Edward Hird and Mary Theresa Braters
HURST, Nicholas 06/04/1880 57
KELLY, James 25/08/1873 3 years John Kelly and Catherine Creely
KNIGHT, Phillip 09/03/1869 44 John Knight and Susan Wagland
Name Date Buried Age Grave? Parents’ names (if known) Comments
LONSDALE, Eliza Margaret 25/08/1870 6 days Charles Lonsdale and Sarah Allen
LONSDALE, Emma Leah 21/12/1897 37 Yes Phillip Knight and Ellen Pippin
LONSDALE, Hannah 11/01/1877 7 months William Joseph Lonsdale & Jessie Marie Knight Sister to Leah Emma Knight
LONSDALE, Jessie Maria 16/05/1876 24 Yes Phillip Knight and Ellen Pippin
LONSDALE, Leah Emma 02/10/1867 16 days William Joseph Lonsdale & Jessie Maria Knight Sister to Hannah Knight
LONSDALE, William J. ?? 1928 86 Yes William Joseph Lonsdale and Eliza Atkinson
LOWE, Elizabeth Ann 25/05/1868 12 months William Lowe amd Mary ??
MERRYFULL, James 17/05/1880 1 year William Henry Merryfull and Eliza Robinson
MITCHELL, ?? ??/??/1892 infant
MITCHELL, Alice 03/05/1905 43 William Davey Mitchell & Sarah Arnold
MITCHELL, Bertha Veronica 24/05/1891 8 months Stephen Henry Mitchell and Mary Howard See Mary Mitchell
MITCHELL, Ella Florence ??/??/1884 1 month
MITCHELL, Frederick Henry 28/01/1897 1 year 7 months Fred Mitchell and Hart Thompson
MITCHELL, Mabel ??/??/1890 ?? Uncertain – probably buried at Redcastle
MITCHELL, Mary 24/07/1892 42 Ch Howard and Christina Graham
MITCHELL, Sarah Jane ??/??/1880 child
MITCHELL, Sarah Jane 14/09/1873 2 years 6 months Stephen Mitchell and Mary Ann Howard See Mary Mitchell
MITCHELL, Stephen Henry 06/09/1900 62 Joseph Mitchell and Jane Gribble
MITCHELL, Stephen Henry 30/01/1902 32 Stephen Mitchell and Mary Howard See Mary Mitchell
MITCHELL, William 24/04/1905 9 days William Moses Mitchell and Alice Davey See Alice Mitchell
MITCHELL, William Moses 06/08/1915 65 John Mitchell and ??
MORAN, Bertie 01/10/1875 10 days George Moran and Isabella Sutherland See Isabella Moran
MORAN, Bessie Rachel 12/04/1897 24 Yes George Moran and Isabella Sutherland
MORAN, Charles James 03/06/1892 26 Yes George Moran and Isabella Sutherland
MORAN, George 21/04/1911 84 Yes
MORAN, Isabella 03/09/1895 65 Yes James Sutherland and Helen Grieve
MORAN, William 13/08/1911 52 Yes George Moran and Isabella Sutherland
MORRIS, ?? 04/12/1880 6 hours ?? and Sarah Morriss
MORRIS, Charlotte 30/01/1863 1 year Henry Morris and Selina Griffiths
MORRIS, Sarah 18/12/1880 22 William ?? and Ann ??
MUNSTER, Louis Daniel 29/04/1861 38 Paul Munster and Magna ??
McKEE, Eleanor 07/02/1891 52 Yes John Bates and Eleanor ?? >Headstone also includes Clara E.
McKEE, James 17/08/1902 67 Yes James McKee and Mary Orr >McKee, died 14/12/1894, aged 22.
McKEE, Clara E 14/12/1894 22 Yes Andrew Pook and Elizabeth O’Grady Died following childbirth
McKEE, Eva Isabella ??/??/1891 2 days James and Eleanor McKee Interred with parents
NEAL, Ivy Eveline 24/01/1898 6 weeks William Neal and Sarah Neal
Name Date Buried Age Grave? Parents’ names (if known) Comments
NEILSON, Alexander 22/10/1893 57 Daniel Neilson and Mary Alexander
NEILSON, Isabel Bessie 23/06/1899 10 weeks William Neilson and Susannah Cath Morgan
NEILSON, Marion Elizabeth 04/01/1914 52 Antonio Geronovich and Mary Bottrill
NEILSON, Mary 28/12/1866 10 months Alexander Neilson and Elizabeth Graham
NEILSON, William Charles 27/11/1913 23 William Neilson and Susan Moran
O’TOOLE, James 30/09/1877 50 John O’Toole and Catherine O’Brien Died after falling down a mine shaft
PEARMAN, James 10/04/1869 88 James Pearman and Ann ??
POLKINGHORNE, William Northey 21/09/1868 18 months William Henry Polkinghorne & Nancy Ann Allen
POOK, Andrew 17/03/1876 1 year 13 days Andrew Pook and Elizabeth O’Grady See Elizabeth Pook
POOK, Elizabeth Jane 22/05/1902 53 William O’Grady and Mary ?? Andrew’s mother
PROCTOR, Charles 27/05/1907 78 Thomas Proctor and Mary ??
PUSTON, John 11/04/1875 52 C/be John Preston, parents unknown.
QUIRK, Andrew 14/09/1898 7 weeks Patrick Quirk and Mary Jane Pook
RALPH, Harrison 23/03/1861 2 years Harrison Ralph and Ann Cox
REED, Emily 29/01/1872 11 months John Reed and Catherine Profser
REID, John Milne 19/12/1875 44 James Reid and Ann Walker
RICHARDSON, Sarah Frances 31/07/1861 2 yrs I month Henry Richardson and Jane ??
ROBERTS, John 01/10/1891 67 William Roberts and Ellen Griffiths
ROBERTSON, James Daniel 06/09/1864 28 James Robertson and Mary McDonald Cut own throat – suicide
ROFSER, William 07/11/1886 57 Morgan Rosser and Abigail Tamplin Surname should be ROSSER
RUFSEL, Jane 06/04/1863 8 months William Russell and Bridget Rogers Surname should be RUSSELL
SMITH, George 16/09/1862 35 Blown up in a mine explosion
SULLIVAN, Agnes 01/01/1861 39 James Ashcroft and Margaret ?? Died of DTs. Oldest date
TAYLOR, Robert William 18/09/1882 32 Noah Taylor and Hannah Marten
THOMSON, Annie 19/05/1901 36 William Thomson and Elizabeth Barker >Annie died of “severe dropsy”, and
THOMSON, ?? 19/05/1901 Stillborn >took her child with her.
THOMSON, David William 18/03/1877 8 months William Thomson and Elizabeth Barker
THOMSON, Eliza 19/08/1863 2 months William Thomson and Elizabeth Barker
THOMSON, Elizabeth 04/07/1876 37 Edward and Eliza Lesswall
THOMSON, Hugh 30/08/1863 9 days Hugh Morton Thomson & Julia Payne Mann
THOMSON, Percy Mann 15/10/1867 5 years Hugh Morton Thomson & Julia Payne Mann
TICE, Alexander Crockett 25/02/1870 13 months William Tice and Christina Crockett
TICE, Christina 06/11/1891 42 Alexander Crockett and Annie Robb
TICE, William 09/07/1895 50
TYLER, Ada Charlotte 03/10/1873 6 months John Tyler and Frances Mills
Name Date Buried Age Grave? Parents’ names (if known) Comments
WALSH, William 30/08/1873 47 Kenneth Walsh and Mary Cluney
WHITFIELD, Edna May 15/03/1915 3 years Charles Whitfield and Martha Hart Kemp
WINTER, Alfred 01/03/1873 23
YE GEEN, ?? 21/02/1879 49 (From China) Killed when thrown from a cart
YOUNG, Margaret Ann 24/03/1861 6 months Robert Young and Hannah Brough
Additionally, the Heathcote records comment that there were “approximately 50 Chinese burials in unmarked graves, interred along fence near dirt road”.
End of Listing